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When searching for a gravel supplier, selecting the appropriate one is crucial. Gravel suppliers vary greatly in quality and service. Atlanta Gravel stands out as your committed gravel delivery partner in the Marietta area, understanding the essentials of delivering top-notch service. We provide an extensive range of gravel products and services, and we are committed to furnishing our clients with superior quality offerings at the most competitive prices.

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Why Do You Need An Atlanta Gravel Company?

Numerous situations might lead you to seek out a gravel supplier. You could be laying out a new driveway or patio and require gravel as a base layer. Perhaps you’re tackling a water drainage challenge and need assistance managing surplus moisture. Or, you’re aiming to enhance your garden’s appeal with decorative gravel. Whatever your requirements, Atlanta Gravel is here to assist.

We stand as the leading provider of sand and gravel delivery in the Marietta area. Whatever your project entails, we’re equipped to support you with the essential materials to complete it. We are prepared for a broad spectrum of projects. Here are some key reasons to choose us for all your sand and gravel delivery necessities.

Gravel Company in Marietta | Gravel Delivery

Gravel Delivery

The absence of materials shouldn’t be a barrier to completing your projects. Atlanta Gravel caters to Marietta and its surroundings, with our offices accessible five days a week to accommodate your requirements. Reach out to us now to arrange a delivery or prepare whatever you need at a convenient time. We’re also here to assist you in identifying the optimal solution for your unique project needs, and we provide complimentary estimates. Whatever your project, Atlanta Gravel is ready to assist you in bringing it to completion.

Gravel Company in Marietta | Sand Delivery

Sand Delivery

For those times when gravel isn’t the perfect match, our sand delivery services come into play. Sand has a myriad of applications in your projects. It works wonders as a leveling agent for your patio or driveway, fills in depressions, or enhances drainage systems. Sand is invaluable for restoring shorelines and beaches, especially if you’re situated near water bodies. Another vital application, familiar to many in Georgia, arises when preparing for significant storms or hurricanes. Cities away from the coast have felt the impact of tropical storms or hurricanes, where sandbags become essential in water defense efforts. With our sand delivery service, you’ll always be prepared for whatever nature throws your way. Whether you’re constructing, reconstructing, or bracing for severe weather, we’re on standby with the necessary materials to help you succeed.

Gravel Company in Marietta | Crush and Run Delivery

Crush and run gravel is a favored choice for driveways in the Marietta area, offering a more affordable alternative to asphalt or concrete without sacrificing durability. Its popularity stems from providing a stable base that is less prone to shifting or damage over time. Additionally, it’s excellent for drainage, allowing water to disperse swiftly. Consulting with a skilled contractor is key if you’re contemplating whether to use crush-and-run gravel for your driveway or another initiative. They can guide you on the appropriate size and quantity of materials needed for your endeavor.

Gravel Company in Marietta | Mulch Delivery

Elevate your Marietta landscape with the superior mulch delivery services offered by Atlanta Gravel. Our team is proud to present a variety of top-tier mulch options designed to boost the beauty and vitality of your outdoor areas. Our mulch offers numerous advantages for your gardening projects, from enhancing moisture retention and reducing weeds to providing soil insulation and improving visual appeal. Atlanta Gravel is renowned for its commitment to dependability, professionalism, and ensuring customer delight, making us the premier choice for mulch delivery in the Marietta area. Witness the remarkable transformation our mulch can bring to your exterior spaces. Reach out today for a complimentary estimate, and let us help materialize your landscaping dreams.

Gravel Company in Marietta | Dirt Delivery

Dirt Delivery

Are you in search of dependable and superior dirt delivery services in Marietta? Atlanta Gravel is your go-to solution! Whether it’s fill dirt required for a building endeavor or residential dirt delivery for landscaping at home, our expertise as a dirt provider ensures we deliver the precise soil you need. Visit our Dirt Delivery section to explore more about what we offer and to arrange your delivery without delay!

What All Does Atlanta Gravel Do?

Atlanta Gravel may not be a construction company, but we’re your go-to for all material delivery requirements in the Marietta area. Whether it’s a variety of gravel for new constructions or sand deliveries for specific needs, we’ve got you covered. Gravel delivery serves many purposes, from enhancing your current site to repairing areas eroded by water, restoring beachfront properties, and even preparing for storms.

Sand and Gravel Construction

Our fleet is ready to transport sand and gravel directly to your construction site in Marietta, simplifying your project management. We’re also on hand to supply additional materials you might need, such as crushed stone or asphalt, to keep your project moving smoothly.

Gravel Driveways

Opting for a gravel driveway boosts your home’s parking capacity and curb appeal. Atlanta Gravel is equipped to supply the gravel and offer the installation services required to ensure your driveway project in Marietta is completed flawlessly.


Creating a patio is an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home. While concrete or brick patios can be costly, a gravel patio is a budget-friendly alternative. Atlanta Gravel is ready to provide the materials and services needed to craft a stunning gravel patio for your Marietta home.


Incorporating decorative gravel into your landscape introduces vibrant color and texture. We stock an extensive selection of gravel types perfect for beautifying your yard, and our team can guide you in selecting the best option for your Marietta home’s aesthetic and functional needs.

Drainage Solutions

Should you face drainage challenges, Atlanta Gravel has solutions. We offer a range of effective drainage systems, including FOG traps, catch basins, and storm drains, tailored to address your specific issues. Our team will assist in identifying the most effective solution for your situation and provide all necessary materials and services to rectify your drainage problems efficiently.

Why Choose Atlanta Gravel For Your Needs?

Why select Atlanta Gravel for your Marietta projects? Because we deliver exactly the sand or gravel you need, tailored to your requirements. We’re deeply familiar with Marietta and understand what materials will best suit your project, no matter its size—from driveways to expansive patios. We’re here to assist.

Our long-standing presence in the industry is a testament to our expertise and commitment to excellence. We prioritize our customers, ensuring top-tier service and always placing your needs at the forefront.

Opting for Atlanta Gravel means choosing a partner that supports you at every phase. Our delivery services run seven days a week, ensuring we fit seamlessly into your schedule. Plus, with our extensive selection of gravel options, finding the ideal match for your project is guaranteed.

What is the Cheapest Type of Gravel?

Gravel comes in various types, including limestone, granite, trap rock, and shale, each suited to different projects.

Limestone holds the title for most cost-effective gravel, available in hues like red, green, and blue. Granite, a pricier alternative, offers enhanced hardness and longevity. Trap rock, more affordable than granite, presents fewer color choices. Shale, at the top end in terms of price, boasts a broad color palette.

Each gravel type aligns with specific project needs.

Limestone Gravel

Limestone gravel, known for being the most cost-effective choice, is available in a spectrum of colors, including red, green, and blue. Its excellent porosity renders it ideal for projects requiring significant drainage.

Taprock Gravel

Traprock gravel offers an affordable alternative to granite with a more limited color selection, making it suitable for projects where affordability takes precedence over durability.

Granite Gravel

Granite gravel, though more costly than limestone, provides superior hardness and longevity, ideal for demanding projects such as driveways and sidewalks.

Shale Gravel

Shale gravel is the priciest gravel option but compensates with a wide color range. It is optimal for projects that aim to incorporate vibrant color and texture.

Projects You May Use Gravel For

Projects You May Use Gravel For

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What is crush and run?

What is crush and run?

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Our service is strictly delivery-based. We do not operate a physical storefront or office for order pickups. Our expertise lies in sourcing the gravel products you require and ensuring they are delivered directly to your specified location, be it a residential or commercial address in Marietta. This delivery-focused approach enables us to maintain competitive pricing, ensuring you receive the most attractive offers available.